Veneto Contemporary Kitchen


Stainless Steel Bar Handles

Wide Drawers
Increase your storage space and keep your kitchen lines looking clean and uncluttered.


Wing Light Shelf
Add a mellow atmosphere that perfectly complements the modern styling.


Bi-Fold Aluminium Frames

Bi-Fold Aluminium Frames
Aluminium frames designed for the stunning bi-fold system.


Aluminium Glass Doors

Aluminium Glass Doors
Make a striking statement with understated sandblasted glass.


Internal Drawer Larder
Store your ingredients with easy visibility and maximise your storage space.


Cargo Bin
An innovative solution for user-friendly waste disposal.


Chrome Wire Shelves & Sensor Light

Chrome Wire Shelves & Sensor Light
An attractive alternative to glass or timer shelves.


Aluminium Plinth
Brushed aluminium plinths to complement other aluminium and steel features.


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